The CrowdSolve Ecosystem for Climate Tech Startups

Updated: Jun 23

Hi! We are CrowdSolve, a platform for innovators, mentors, and partners, committed to nurturing and advancing bold ideas for climate.

Below is a letter from CrowdSolve co-founder and CEO, Tim Wolters, introducing CrowdSolve and describing our mission to cultivate connection and collaboration with the goal to prepare climate startups for their next phase of growth.



CrowdSolve sits at the crossroads of three critical elements of our collective future: climate change, social equity, and crypto currency.

The CrowdSolve mission is to accelerate, optimize, and amplify new solutions for climate change with the largest near-term impact by connecting early stage ideas to tools, mentoring, and funding. We will generate a sustainable and dynamic ecosystem using crypto currency to tokenize and benefit all active participants.

The Intergovernmental panel on climate change (IPCC) 2022 report is a clarion call for the world to work together to mitigate additional climate change and overcome the adverse impact of climate change for billions of people, as well as protect biodiversity on our planet. We must all work in ways that make sense to us to change policy, habits, manufacturing, building materials, and processes. We must work to reduce greenhouse gasses through natural and human developed sequestration and through lowering our CO2 output by electrifying power consumption and clean energy production.

This herculean task has many moving parts. The way to tackle it is through the ingenuity of our collective humanity to build a better, cleaner, more equitable world. There are hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of entrepreneurs out there thinking along similar lines and innovating across the myriad aspects of climate change mitigation.

Our aim is to create an ecosystem for as many of them to flourish as possible, and with a lot of work, bring more innovations forward, represented by the vast diversity of human ingenuity, to create more solutions for a better, cleaner, sustainable world.

Thanks for your support!

Timothy Wolters

CrowdSolve CEO and co-founder