A climate tech startup platform connecting innovators to opportunities


Simplify the process.

Simplify the incubator application process, and apply to multiple startup programs at once. We’ve gathered all of the most common incubator application requirements and made them fun and easy to complete and get feedback on.


Get funded sooner.

You can start gaining momentum on your innovation even before your pre-seed fundraising. Earn Blox points by completing activities that move your innovation forward. Points unlock prizes and send the signal that you’re ready to potential funders. Think of them as your first micro-funding event. 


Build an expert team.

Whether you are looking for cofounders or advisors, attract and retain expert help with SOLV tokens. Get matched with mentors who have the skills you need to move your innovation forward. Get yourself an accountability partner who you can lean on when you get stuck.

Are you interested in adding your innovation?

We are testing the platform with a limited number of early stage climate innovations. See if you qualify to take CrowdSolve for a test drive.

K.L.  |  sales and marketing executive

Growing up in Colorado, I took the bright blue sky for granted. I believe wholeheartedly in the power of seemingly small actions adding up to big changes.

Kaylin | serial entrepreneur and social activist

Through my career in tech, I have tapped into and joined this valuable network. Now I want to identify others who need that same boost. I want to join the fight in a way that optimizes my skills and experience.

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