Penn Climate Ventures partners with CrowdSolve

CrowdSolve is proud to announce a partnership with Penn Climate Ventures — founded by students at the University of Pennsylvania. Penn Climate Ventures takes climate action through competition, social engagements, workshops, and fellowships. Each year, they host a global pitch competition for climate innovators with bold ideas to impact climate. This year, they received over 450 applicants from climate innovators around the world.

The partnership between Penn Climate Ventures and CrowdSolve is a logical fit because of the work that Penn Climate Ventures does to engage climate innovators, aligns with CrowdSolve’s mission to help innovators take their innovations to the next level. Penn Climate Ventures has offered applicants early access to CrowdSolve, helping to support the ongoing engagement and development of their innovations.

The team at Penn Climate Ventures are interested in a partnership with CrowdSolve because they are “excited to connect students with a resource that encourages them to continue their entrepreneurship journey. We are always looking for ways to sustain our support for students after the pitch competition, and CrowdSolve seemed like a good avenue.”

Since inviting Penn Climate Venture applicants to the CrowdSolve platform, CrowdSolve has onboarded global innovators with innovations in energy efficiency and sustainability, connecting those innovators to other entrepreneurs in complementary impact areas. CrowdSolve is a thriving network for innovators, mentors, partners, and people passionate about climate. We are fortunate to partner with like minded organizations like Penn Climate Ventures and look forward to similar partnerships with other university groups in the near future. Together we can support more emerging climate innovators who are developing impactful solutions for the future.