CrowdSolve Private Beta Launch

CrowdSolve was founded on the notion that, in order to make a global impact on the climate crisis, early stage climate change-makers and innovators need support, connection, and guidance. CrowdSolve is designed to do all that, at scale, in order to help more climate innovations succeed.

For the last year, the CrowdSolve team has been working on developing a platform for early stage climate entrepreneurs to support the development of their innovative climate ideas. Designed to “pre-incubate” and amplify new solutions for climate change by connecting early stage ideas to tools, mentoring, and funding. We help good ideas become great ideas by providing the right tools at the right time.

Currently, CrowdSolve is in private beta, accepting applications from climate innovators who are in the ideation phase of their innovation. In addition to supporting innovators, we are also partnering with climate incubators and accelerators to support both their active cohorts, as well as applicants who aren’t quite ready for acceptance into their programs.

If you are an innovator and would like to apply to join CrowdSolve as a charter member, visit our application page. If you are interested in learning more about our partnership opportunities please share your details with us here.