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How it works

A startup incubation platform for aspiring climate entrepreneurs.


Community for climate action

We exist to empower early stage innovation to solve the climate crisis, the defining issue of our time.

Lean at its core

There's no one-size-fits-all approach to running a successful startup. But, across the board, we've found that the most impactful innovations have reached a few key milestones. That's why the CrowdSolve curriculum guides innovators through four important phases:

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Crowdsourced by experts

Our curriculum brings together an intentional collection of the best resources on the web, curated by CrowdSolve's experienced team of Lean startup founders, teachers, leaders, and experts.

Built for busy entrepreneurs

The CrowdSolve Blox system helps innovators organize next steps, rewards their forward progress, and connects them to the right resources at the right time.

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Meet the new startup standard

Our innovative model sets the standard for the way startups communicate their progress to the world.

Each innovation in the CrowdSolve ecosystem is scored on climate impact and key business areas, so that accelerators and investors can quickly gauge the startup's progress.


A trade economy for the new wave of climate innovation

Meet SOLV, CrowdSolve's innovative reward currency.


Innovators use SOLV tokens to move forward through the curriculum, and receive SOLV rewards as they progress.


Mentors earn SOLV as they share their knowledge and validate startups' progress.

Workshop providers earn SOLV for running workshops to accelerate climate innovations in the community.


Anyone with SOLV can gift it to the innovations they want to see succeed  or sponsor pools of innovators.

Community Gardening

Join the movement.

We’re inviting climate pioneers to join the CrowdSolve ecosystem. Take our brief questionnaire to find out if you’re a fit.